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   Billings Montana Horseback Riding and horse vacations
     Enjoy Montana horseback riding in the big sky country along the trails that native cowboys rode. Montana Horseback rides are offered at differnt locations in Montana. From the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park to the famous grounds of Custer's Battlefield, horseback riding is as theraputic and relaxing for any outdoor adventurous person. Take a ride in history or endulge in the Rocky Mountains with horseback riding adventures and vacations during the summer and winter months of Montana. Enjoy the outdoors with real life Montana cowboys who have grown up in the western atomosphere and lifestyle. The horses express a non-threatening composure which invites the comfortable pleasure of enjoying the weather, big sky country, and nature of the rivers and streams. Whether you want to ride a day on the mountain tops or experience a pack trip in the Beartooth Mountain Range, Horseback adventures are sure to be a favorite for Montana guests!

Montana Horseback Rides.

  • Billings Montana Horseback Riding

  •      Come experience the pristine beauty and texture of the land the way Native Americans, early settlers and cowhands used to. Horseback riding can take you deep into far-off valleys, open meadows and lush wilderness. Unlike some of our other outdoor activities, you get to sit back and take it all in while your horse does the work. We can offer horseback riding as an activity option on most of our trips or tours. It's a delightful change of pace and a spectacular way to enjoy the Big Sky country outdoors in and near Billings Montana.

         For first-time riders, you are welcome on all of our horseback riding trips. Our guides, wranglers, cowboys, and horses are experienced, so you don't have to be. In each location, our outfitted partners provide only surefooted and good-spirited horses. These companionable, dependable animals will carry you safely as you climb to new heights, wade through creeks, traverse along the Yellowstone River, Pryor Creek, Little Big Horn River or meander through canyon walls throughout Montana.

    Almost all of the horseback riding you will find in Montana will be Western style riding. Western style riding, or cowboy riding, uses a bigger and heavier saddle than English riding. Western riders hold the reigns in one hand and steer the horse by shifting the weight and tension in the neck reigns. Western riding is also more relaxed than English riding - a comforting thought to keep in mind when planning long trail rides.

    If you've never been on a horse, your outfitter will give you a quick lesson on how to turn, stop, and start your horse. You'll be prepared to hit the trail. Do not expect your guide to teach you how to barrel race or jump. These skills take years to master and must be learned in riding school.

    Many outfitters offer half-day trips to multi-day trips. All are very rewarding. Many outfitting companies are well established and family owned, making guides great sources of information about the history and geology of the area. They are also likely to be full of local stories and legends. Some outfitters offer combination whitewater rafting, fly-fishing, and horseback riding options. With so many possibilities, the whole family will be satisfied.

    Horseback riding is a rugged activity. There are reasons why cowboys dress as they do, and you will want to be dressed appropriately. Long pants made of sturdy fabric such as denim are necessary to protect your legs. Covered shoes are essential; you never know when a horse is going to step on your toes. Wide brimmed hats and sunglasses are good for keeping the sun out of your eyes.

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    NOTE: When considering horseback riding, pick horseback riding stables that meet your needs and accommadations. Horseback riding stables usually have horses for beginners and first time horseback riders, intermediate horseback riders and advanced horseback riders. individuals who are taking small children horseback riding often should contact the horseback riding stable to make sure the age group can be accommodated appropriately. Horseback riding stables usually have rules posted for the safety of both the horseback rider and the horse. Rules may vary between horseback riding stables, but it is common to permit walking, trotting and slow galloping of horses. Depending on the terrain and moutainous environment, Horseback riding stables often do not allow racing of thier rental horses.

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