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   Welcome to Huntley, Montana.   Huntley is part of the Huntley Project Irrigation District and is an eastern suburb of Billings. Huntley is a growing area for housing developement near the pryor creek and borders the Yellowstone River. View actual weather and current forecast in Huntley, MT.

Located in Huntley, the Western Romance Company is located near the Pryor Creek Golf Course in Huntley. Along the pryor creek, the Western Romance Company provides western adventures from horseback riding, covered wagon trains, chuckwagon meals, cowboy entertainment, dinner shows and daily activities whether it be educational lessons or roping classes. WRC provides country western tours with cowboy entertainment out of Billings, Montana as well as Custer's Last Stand tours during the reenactment. From cowboy entertainment and activities to Pappy and the Ringers Club. WRC can provide activities for a large groups and small. Whether your coming from Yellowstone National Park or just around the corner at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, WRC has western adventures of all sorts.

If your looking for a place to stay in Huntley, stay at a bed and breakfast which includes meals, hospitality, rooms and a gift shop which is along the Pryor Creek itself,(406-348-2205) With a 1900's victorian house that has been remodeled, enjoy the warm and cozy feeling of the country while staying outside Billings. The Metra Park Arena is only 10 minutes away whether it's a cowboy rodeo, state fair, business meeting or convention. You will have easy access from the remodeled Bed and Breakfast. Somewhere Inn time Bed and Breakfast also has a newly remodeled house that is shaping up to be ready by 2008. With the authenticity of the historical buildings, surroundings, country, and warm hospitality; one is bound to come back and remember Huntley. Huntley is located off the Interstate 90 about 15 minutes from Billings.

The Huntley Community club is a group organization of town folk who care about thier town. There are even some residents who live in Billings but travel to Huntley for business. Even though Billings has the largest population in Montana, Huntley folk like to think the greatest concentration of quality people lie within. Come and check out Huntley and what it offers from the Yellowstone County News, western adventures, horseback riding, and Huntley Project High School information. The Community Park is available to those visiting with swings, slides, and basketball court for games.

Huntley also provides many surprising elements not known to the masses. While traffic, residents, and visitors travel through Huntley, there are places to stop that are off the beaten path. The Huntley Express Way store has been around for over 20 years providing food, gas, supplies, and misc things for locals in and around the Huntley/Shepherd area. While the Huntley Project High School is located in Worden, Huntley provides a good percentage of students at the school. The Trading Post in Huntley has supplies from souveniors, animal food, farm supplies, and especially clothes for travelors passing through the city of Huntley. The Worden Fire Department has a Huntley station where the community comes together to provide volunteer fire fighters and protect the local community.

For outside activites, the Barkemeyer Park invites all to come and enjoy the outdoors, street dances, volleyball and basketball courts, swings, and an area for BBQ Grills. The Huntley Project Museum provides history, culture, old fashion equipment, and authentic machines that were used in the days of the homesteaders. The Threshing Bee is an annual event that is put on by the Museum. Homesteader Days is an annual event in July that provides entertainment of all kinds, food, games, and outdoor activities for families and friends. The Horse Fest has been a known activity for western folks who like to see the old machinery that was used in the west before modern machinery was invented. Today, horses and mules are used to drive this equipment whether farming or in a horse buggy.

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Link to Huntley, Montana website called www.huntley! Also, view Huntley community website for local weather conditions .

Huntley has grown in the last 10 years in that a new post office has been constructed due to growth of population and neccessity for updated equipment and service. The Headquarters for the Local news is located in Huntley on Main Street called the Yellowstone County News. Also Within Huntley, next to the Museum lies Montana State University Southern Agricultural Research Center which is the MSU center for research for agriculture, agronomy and farming resources with different types of crops that are grown within the state. In the recent years, a new building has been constructed to help accommodate the growing need of services in Huntley. From Tom Fisher to the rest of the crew, experience history from it's beginnings by participating in the local events and activities including Homesteader Days, Barkemeyer Park Cleanup, Horse Fest, and the Threshing Bee. Huntley sure is the place to live, enjoy, and actively participate in the community. From the Volunteer Fire Department Station to the coal trains the roar by on the tracks. It's here in Huntley.

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