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Pryor Creek Cafe & Grill
17 Northern Ave
Huntley, MT 59037

Phone (406) 348-2004

Website: Pryor Creek Cafe & Grill

Winter HOURS:

Monday-Thursday 7-8 pm
Friday-Saturday 7-9 pm,

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Located off Interstate 94 in Huntley, MT, The Pryor Creek Bar and Grill provides a relaxing atmosphere for all. Come and join us for a breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. Kurt and Lorretta have provided thier services since June 2006. We are a family owned and operated business who reside in the local are near our cafe. We love the hometown atmosphere here we create in our cafe and Grill for families to come and enjoy a cooked meal whether its our main dishes, early-bird specials or our entres.

Come and make the short drive from Billings and enjoy what is offered. Enjoy and dine with a full fledged meal that barely fits on your plate. We make homemade soups and specials daily, as well as an early bird special from 2-5:30pm in the evenings. We cut our own beef, chicken, steak, and fixins to be fresh everyday. Our Montana raised beef has a lower fat content and is healthier to eat. It's the only beef with flavor and great price. We can complete take-out orders for your convenience or small or large groups.

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